July 07, 2014

That Time I Felt "1st World" Deprived by Plastic Free July...

Today's prompt:

What do you miss?

Because of Plastic Free July... so. many. things! Only a couple days in and I discovered just how many things caused me to cheat by buying June 30th I can't buy when trying to be plastic free. Having to plan a BBQ probably expedited the process. I think this prompt is meant to inspire a more profound response, but it fits in so well w/ PFJ that I don't care.

I'll make a list.
  1. Pita Bread - add it to the try plastic-free-homemade list.
  2. Tortillas; corn aAND flour - add them to the try plastic-free-homemade list.
  3. Hot dogs - only at BBQs, no way around this one that I know of, maybe a butcher but there are no propper butcher shops local to me.
  4. Hamburger and hot dog rolls - on my roommate's plastic-free-homemade list.
  5. Straws, apparently - since I have Starbucks reusable straws at home I didn't think this would be an issue. I forgot about what happens when I eat out since I don't eat out that much. And p.s. I love straws, hence why I own reusable ones.
  6. Chicken - no way around this one that I know of. Even the farmer's market stands have chicken packaged in plastic.
  7. Cheese - I realized I can bring my own container and get this from the deli counters but it does require talking to people.
  8. Bulk items in general - more often than not, things that regularly come in glass containers are in plastic in a larger size. So much for money saving.
  9. Free garbage bags - I reuse grocery store bags - either from when I misjudge how many bags I need or I get from friends - as garbage bags. The best plastic option is compostable bags which are pricey. In theory, making more things from scratch should mean less garbage at least.
  10. Chocolate - almost all chocolate is packaged in plastic. So maybe this is actually helpful since I'm trying to trim down a bit anyway.
That's all I can think of as of now. I'm sure there are even more I will come across throughout the month.  


  1. Hi, Lauren! Great stuffs and must be missed, I think x))
    Bdw, I dont see that you have followed me, what kind of? I mean, you have followed me in GFC or where? Have a lovely day! <3

    Labina | Dear Labina Design.

  2. youre a brave gal trying to go plastic free and plan a cookout!
    I feel like you're really not going to find chicken wrapped in anything else; it's probably a food safety issue.
    btw i started up the cooking challenge thread on the new 20sb.. couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get the image on there, but maybe someday i'll wise up. it's still your turn to pick the theme :) maybe with the new site we'll get some fresh meat involved, no pun intended