April 19, 2012

That Time I Wore High Heels...

When you live in a college town and don't have gray hair and wrinkles yet,  you are destined to have every person you encounter think that you are a student. Especially when you start working at the University.

Today there's some big dedication hulabalo where I work so I dressed extra nice.
Zomg not wearing my skirt!
I also just got new shoes that I wanted to wear but feared that my "commute" from where I have to park to the building I work in would not agree with them, so I chose to carry my shoes and wear flip flops.

I'm on the bus and at the first stop after I've gotten on, some dude gets on and ends up sitting next to me. So I am sitting there wearing black pants, an oxford shirt, computer bag on my lap and 3" heels (which, at time of writing, were giving me about 5,000 blisters btw) in my hands.

He "cleverly?" asks me if they are dance shoes.  And I was like  "um what? No, they're just hard to walk in...how do they look like dance shoes?"

Which is true. For some unknown reason they have felt on the ball of the shoe. Presumably to make them either less slippery, or so that it's easily apparent once they've been worn so they won't be in a returnable condition.

Then he started going on about his dance partner having to "not only have to learn to walk in heels, but at the same time how to walk backwards in heels."

I started at him blankly and then realized he meant cause girls tend to move backwards when dancing.

And I thought the conversation was over. I wondered what the chances were that a) he was not a student/age appropriate for me, 2) he didn't think I was a student, and 3) if he thought this line of questioning was working to impress me.

Then his last ditch effort in his hitting on me:

Yup. Even dressed as nice/grown-up looking as possible, it's not cause I work here, it's cause I'm a student with a presentation.

Then he got off the bus silently. At least he thought I was cute.

April 09, 2012

Who is the Human Silly Band

This is literally WEEKS of screen shots I've neglected to create and post. AND you get to enjoy some gifs this week. Also, I think I'm going to move my "news" day from Sunday to some day during the week. But that is TBD. Not that anyone would necessarily care or notice. ANYway, on with the show(s).

April 06, 2012

Give Me Liberty

Not the greatest (or anywhere close) picture, but see that thing sticking up in the middle of the picture? Yup, that's a very far away Statue of Liberty.

View from Chelsea Pier 40