May 27, 2011

Car Trouble

 One of my past roommates had an ape of a boyfriend. Let's call him "Dude." He kinda looks like this:
Aside from being an orangutan, this drawing doesn't really
apply to him. I really drew it for something else. It's still funny.

He didn't live in town so it meant that he was here at least every other weekend visiting and would sit around in her room while she was at work. He didn't really bother me, but it was annoying to know he was in my apartment and she wasn't. Since she and I weren't on speaking terms, I didn't talk to him either. Plus he was pretty much as dumb as she is.

Yeah, I'm sure it's possible that the cable company is running a special and that we can get digital cable with HBO and internet for a flat $20... Right. Couldn't be that he was confused about it or anything.

Anyway. One day in the spring of 2010, when I was thoroughly enjoying the sun from my palcony.
Palcony: Patio that's 2" off the ground, requiring a railing as if it were a balcony.

Dude walked out of the apartment building. 
He was always wearing Penn State warm-ups for some reason, as if he didn't own other clothes.

He went to the parking lot and returned minutes later. I already knew what had happened. I knew that they had been using a doctored visitor's parking pass in his car and the towing company had finally come around when he was here. With out having to ask I knew his car had been towed.
He doesn't really have a unibrow, but he may as well.

 So as he was walking back to the apartment I called to him from the palcony.
I knew that he was going to expect me to take him to get his car so I figured I might as well get the question out of the way.

He said that he called them and that he was told that he would get a call back from one of the drivers but why don't we just go over now? I had been towed before and I knew why that was not a wise idea.
Because of the animosity between me and roommate, and how she told me that what she didn't like about me was my "smarter than everyone" attitude, I decided to bite my tongue and oblige and he would have to find out about his wrongness when we got there and then had to either come back or wait there.

I interrupted my tanning, went in to put some more clothes on, and we headed out to my car.
On the way, he got a phone call.
Guess who was right. It took all the self control I could muster to not say "I told you so." In retrospect, I should have and I should have thrown in a little "told you so" dance.

He deserved it for being so frickin' ignorant.

We returned to my apartment and chatted awkwardly until he got another call from the tow truck driver.

I was glad the call came so quickly and I drove him over to the towing place and then I was able to get away from him.

When they got back I asked about the pass and he STILL insisted that it was a valid parking pass. Months later I get yelled at for not offering him one of the much better passes I had that actually looked like they were supposed to be for the date they had on them... I made the "1" for January into an "11" for November. I know, I'm a genius.

The best part about the whole situation was how Dude kept insisting through the whole debacle that the pass in his car was completely valid. In fact, because I had investigated it previous to the towing, they had poorly Sharpied over the original date with a new one and faced it in so that it was less obvious that it was so crappy looking. On the side facing out they had written his phone number so that, in theory, the tow-er would call them instead of towing him...? Don't quite understand that logic, but they are morons.

They're still together and engaged. I fear for the next generation.

It's so hard to find Seinfeld clips that don't have the embedding disabled. :(
Oh, Cosmo... They're towing your car!

You Can Always Go.... Downtown.

Another from my film series. This was taken from a different parking deck than the last one, but a parking deck nonetheless. It's overlooking the local high school's football field and some of the downtown buildings, shot at dusk. Really pretty from above with all the tree tops.

I am so excited that there was a video of this readily available. And in good quality.

May 20, 2011

As the Sun Sinks Below the Horizon

I'm really glad someone on 20sb suggested a sunset picture and I'm really glad that I left my apt to take some shots and that most of them came out nicely! I went to the top of the tallest, east-most parking deck in my town to get this shot. Didn't manage to avoid all the buildings but it's still good! I need to get a zoom lens. Anyone who wants to send me one will totally get a shout out in my blog. :)

As you guys probably noticed, I like to find clips from TV that somehow relate to my posts' content and then chose a title from said clip. Well, my title is from an episode of Mad About You but I couldn't find a clip or a transcript of the scene so you'll have to just go with it.

Here's Mad About You's intro instead:

May 19, 2011

Sarcasm: A Comeback

Between telling you all to come back for part two, and being 4 days late, I have REALLY built up this "part 2" of my Starbucks story. Cause while it is in fact what happened right after the awkward moment with the cashier, it's about 30 seconds long. But here it is anyway. 

Less Frappawkward

I returned to my table to wait for my drink to be called out since it was right next to the drink counter. I also watching for it since I was eager to enjoy my cafe vanilla frappuccino. One is placed on the counter and is called out by drink contents. Oh yeah, the awkward cashier guy wrote my name on the cup cause it was pretty busy at the time.

I get up to retrieve my tasty beverage and a dude who was standing at the counter waiting for drinks also, grabs it and puts it in his drink holder. I thought for a second and determined that he assumed it was his and didn't actually listen to what they said it was. I had to claim my drink.
Luckily he believed me and he removes the cup from his carrier and put it back on the counter.
I wanted to check JUST IN CASE, so I swivel it around until I see my name.
Yeah, I decide to try to be funny again. Somehow my sarcasm hadn't been crushed by the cashier.
Bless his heart he knows I'm obviously joking around with him and he actually enjoys my humor and laughs. I return to my table to enjoy my frappe and feel much better than I did minutes ago. Thanks, dude who tried to steal my drink!

May 16, 2011

Community: Paintball

I know what you were thinking, "There's no way Community could out do last year's paintball episode." And I agreed with you... until now. And in case one half-hour wasn't good enough, they gave us two.

Part 1:

Jeff, Britta, Shirley, Annie, Troy and Abed star in:

I don't know why I find the Christina Ricci reference/pun so funny. I just do.
Hey look, Jeff's cowboy costume from the Halloween episode. And Sawyer from Lost.

Part 2:

Yeah, Western Greendale sure was fun but what show is complete without a Star Wars episode?

Even the dean at Greendale knows his school is super crappy.
"It's the Greendale effect. Our motto is 'Lower Your Standards.'" Maybe I should go to Greendale.

Awesome model of the campus. Please notice that the gym is made out of a roll of toilet paper.
All that diorama making finally came to good use.

Sometimes "Troy's Awesome Plan" and "Actual Operation" aren't enough.

I can't really wrap this post up spoiler-free so I'll just leave you with the recommendation to watch these episodes and Community in general. You will not be sorry and you will forever love me for the recommendation. You will especially love it if you've ever found yourself amongst a lovable group of misfits.

May 12, 2011


Over a year ago my brother got married. I brought my video camera to capture it all on video. Now, before you start judging me, let me say that one of my sister-in-law's family members also had a video camera. However, I hadn't done any work on it in at least 8 months, much less finished and gave it to them. Since they are coming to visit this month, and because I was uber-bored, I set out to Starbucks with my computer since I knew I would never get anything done if  I tried to do it at home.

After I'd been there for a few hours it was time for a new drink. I walked up to the counter to place my order.
I like the cafe-vanilla variety.
He starts ringing it up.
I notice that he's already rung it up as "grande" and for some reason... okay, I was bored, and I decide to make a joke...

He kind of stared at me for a second then said, "Well, I can make it bigger or smaller." He thinks I only said grande since I saw he'd rung it up as such.

I tell him, trying to remedy the situation "Heh, no I was just teasing you..." He was not impressed.
So I said what I always say in uncomfortable situations.
Then I said thanks and ran away back to my table to wait for my drink to be ready.

For part two of this exciting saga, tune in next week!

May 04, 2011


No words necessary.

That was supposed to say "off"

Conan's face is NAKED!!!

And in case anyone was wondering...