May 27, 2011

You Can Always Go.... Downtown.

Another from my film series. This was taken from a different parking deck than the last one, but a parking deck nonetheless. It's overlooking the local high school's football field and some of the downtown buildings, shot at dusk. Really pretty from above with all the tree tops.

I am so excited that there was a video of this readily available. And in good quality.


  1. When I read the title I was expecting a Seinfeld reference, but instead got a lovely picture! Have to say, the watermark you put on the photo tickled me. Genius.

  2. Trying not to leave a 'going downtown' joke. No need for the gutter today...

  3. There's been a tiny Petula Clark singing in my head since I saw the title in my Google Reader. I'm so glad I was on the money with interpreting the title!!

    Love the photo - the cloud cover makes it so much more interesting than if it'd been a clear evening!

  4. @Liddy: Well it's Foto Friday so of course a picture! haha. I've actually been h2o-marking all my photos lately, but don't feel bad for not noticing. I do it subtly on purpose.

    @Idaho: Haha I appreciate that. Tho I also appreciate dirty jokes most of the time.

    @Kirsti: Nice! I'm glad the reference to the song worked. And I totally agree about the clouds! I love how it came out even if the foreground came out a bit fuzzy.