May 19, 2011

Sarcasm: A Comeback

Between telling you all to come back for part two, and being 4 days late, I have REALLY built up this "part 2" of my Starbucks story. Cause while it is in fact what happened right after the awkward moment with the cashier, it's about 30 seconds long. But here it is anyway. 

Less Frappawkward

I returned to my table to wait for my drink to be called out since it was right next to the drink counter. I also watching for it since I was eager to enjoy my cafe vanilla frappuccino. One is placed on the counter and is called out by drink contents. Oh yeah, the awkward cashier guy wrote my name on the cup cause it was pretty busy at the time.

I get up to retrieve my tasty beverage and a dude who was standing at the counter waiting for drinks also, grabs it and puts it in his drink holder. I thought for a second and determined that he assumed it was his and didn't actually listen to what they said it was. I had to claim my drink.
Luckily he believed me and he removes the cup from his carrier and put it back on the counter.
I wanted to check JUST IN CASE, so I swivel it around until I see my name.
Yeah, I decide to try to be funny again. Somehow my sarcasm hadn't been crushed by the cashier.
Bless his heart he knows I'm obviously joking around with him and he actually enjoys my humor and laughs. I return to my table to enjoy my frappe and feel much better than I did minutes ago. Thanks, dude who tried to steal my drink!


  1. Yay for someone who understood sarcasm!! And double yay for it actually being your drink - double awkward = baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

  2. I was really worried that it was going to turn out that it wasn't your drink... what a relief. You are a mistress of suspense. ...Why is it that the male form of master doesn't have the same connotations as the female form "mistress"? Because I totally made like the best romance novel title ever. Nobody steal that, that's mine.

  3. It actually wasn't until he had relinquished my drink that it occurred to me that I might have been wrong. Liddy, what about "masteress" except that it sounds like mattress. hmmm... oh wait it's madame. but that sounds old. I guess I'm okay with being madame of suspense.

  4. Finally some one who 'got-it' (the joke I mean)


  5. That's one of my big awkward fears...grabbing the wrong drink at the Starbucks counter. Well, not a fear...just a teeny concern lol.

  6. @Nas: I know! So few people get me.

    @Lesley: I think it's a legitimate fear. It would be quite embarrassing. That's why I tried to be nice about it when dude stole mine.

  7. Bless his heart?! Who are you, my mother?!