December 26, 2012

Looks a lot Like Xmas

We got a whiteish Christmas and a very white day-after-Christmas. So here's all my extremely classy decorations, etc.

I thought I'd be able to space these father apart. I was not.
Brain fail, I had already ordered the nintendo one, forgot and got/made this one. 
I promise I'm going to paint over the yellow soon.
Here's where the decorations became random and disconnected.

I <3 window clings.
Roommate made cookies but I insisted on one with Nutella instead of jam. 
Already enjoying this gift from one of my friends "I saw it and it looked like you, because it's pixelated."
I had to work my 2nd job xmas day but didn't have to wear my uniform so I'm calling it a win. 

December 19, 2012

Who can guess what I got my brother for xmas?

Shipping is still free if you order from Amazon Japan to Japan

December 14, 2012

Those ARE My Legs

This photo earned me a "quoted response:"

#win. #smallvictories

December 13, 2012

Oh Xmas Treeeeee

I feel like I posted photos of my Xmas tree last year under the exact same title. Shrug. But here is it in the new house!

December 03, 2012

A Squiggily Line

So I now have the use of an iPad via work and I was composing an email on it, like you do, and as I was, I noticed up there next to the "attatchments" and "send" buttons a little squiggily line icon.

I was right in guessing that it lets you draw stuff but it actually opens up a separate window, lets you draw whatever you want and then attatches it as a png image file.
Just. Way to go Google. Btw, this is only in the gmail app on the iPad, not Apple's mail app.
But yes. I fully enjoy this and beware to anyone who emails me that you may be getting a hand pointer finger written response instead of typed. (if you want to email me,, i might be persuaded to draw you a picture to email you back. Seriously, send me requests and I will post them here too! Has it become apparent that I am running low on content for my blog?)