December 03, 2012

A Squiggily Line

So I now have the use of an iPad via work and I was composing an email on it, like you do, and as I was, I noticed up there next to the "attatchments" and "send" buttons a little squiggily line icon.

I was right in guessing that it lets you draw stuff but it actually opens up a separate window, lets you draw whatever you want and then attatches it as a png image file.
Just. Way to go Google. Btw, this is only in the gmail app on the iPad, not Apple's mail app.
But yes. I fully enjoy this and beware to anyone who emails me that you may be getting a hand pointer finger written response instead of typed. (if you want to email me,, i might be persuaded to draw you a picture to email you back. Seriously, send me requests and I will post them here too! Has it become apparent that I am running low on content for my blog?)


  1. can we just make this the universal way to e-mail? i feel like the world would be a lot better.

    a sowing season.

  2. Uhm...I want to play with that app and only draw pictures as responses in e-mails. Can you imagine getting a very serious work e-mail and responding with a picture? Yup...sounds like something I would do!