July 15, 2014

That Time I Made More Homemade Plastic Free Stuff...

I'm skipping the blog prompt again today for a Plastic Free July post.

Today: More Adventures in Homemade Things!

I went through my list of things I want to make to have plastic free versions and picked a couple that are also fast to make. I chose coconut sour cream (also dairy free if that matters to anyone) and flour tortillas. The coconut sour cream didn't happen because I didn't plan ahead and put my can of coconut milk in the fridge the night before. But flour tortillas did!

Flour Tortillas
I saved all the almond gook from when I made almond milk and ground it into flour.  So since the recipe said it only makes two tortillas, I made two batches. One with all flour and one with half almond flour which, I believe, is lower calorie. 

  • I think that the recipe I used had halved the ingredients but kept the directions because the amount of dough it made would be two very small tortillas or one normal sized one. 
  • The almond flour did not work great. The result was a very brittle tortilla which would be fine to use with a dip but won't fold well.
  • Also instead of rolling them out I used my fingers to smoosh them into circles which made them too thick. I also might have used too much flour. 
  • They were tasty with some of my homemade ranch dip!

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