July 08, 2014

That Time I Decided I Want to Live in a Solar Home...

Today's prompt: Share your dream house

When I was younger I'm sure I would have answered this question saying that it would have a million rooms, an indoor pool, elevator, roller coaster, etc. Okay maybe not the roller coaster but that sounds pretty awesome.

Nowadays, I can still appreciate what that kind of house would be like but it's not what I would want. One thing I really want in my home would be a dedicated scrapbook area but it wouldn't need it's own room so the million rooms is not necessary. And I want my home to be eco-friendly. Which means it has to be on the small side. Which is fine. Why do I need a bunch of space that is mostly going unused?

Here's sort of what I have in mind:
This is the MorningStar Solar Home located at my alma mater, Penn State, designed and built for the 2007 Solar Decathlon. If you already think it sounds kind of cool, its even better on the inside.

So not exactly that house, but it would be a net-zero home meaning it generates as much or more energy as it uses. So, solar panels, wind turbine, and some of the features the one above has such as heat retaining floors and moveable walls to change the sizes of the interior rooms.

This one is a one bedroom house, which is being a little generous because there are no real interior enclosures except for the bathroom, so I would want something a little bigger, but that just means more surface area for solar panels right?

Unfortunately if I want one anytime soon I would have to have it built which would be costly but that's why it's my dream home.

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