July 18, 2014

That Time I Was Bean Boozled...

Today's prompt:
Among these weird flavors of Jellybeans, what five flavors are you willing to taste?
Wow. Well. Um... I'll have to go with Pencil Shavings (even though I don't like banana anyway), Toothpaste, and Moldy Cheese. The other ones are too disgusting and I already saw Rhett and Link try them which did not make them at all appealing.
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  1. The vomit ones... omg. My friends and I DEVOURED the bertie bott's beans when they first came out so I'm familiar with that particular flavor. I'm a little disappointed they didn't have my favorite unusual taste: Grass.

    1. didn't have it on this particular chart, i mean. i could eat grass beans all day.

    2. Haha I would probably try a grass flavored jelly bean. That's not so scary.