May 16, 2020

That Time I Cruised at Home...

I know. I've been missing cruising too! My cruise in September was canceled. I booked a cruise in August to replace it. Canceled. Rebooked that for September. We'll see. I also booked a cruise for July because of the great prices Carnival was offering. I was so excited to go on vacation in the summer! Canceled. Harumph.

I got to thinking... that maybe, like everything else we're doing at home... we should all go on a cruise at home...
If setting up a cruise-day-at-home just isn't feasible, here's a Zoom background for you: Cabin Interior (right-click to save)

Step 1: Replicating your cabin

You can use stuff you have already, but since you're not spending money on vacation this summer, maybe you have some extra cash lying around to really do it up for a cruise staycation. If you have a guest room, that might work best, but you can also use your own bedroom.

Carnival has those beautiful white sheets. If you already have white sheets, all you have to do is put them on your bed! If not, pick up a set. When you're done with your home-cruise experience, you get to have a new-sheet day!

Carnival also has that nice white duvet. Good news. You don't need to buy an actual duvet cover for this step (unless you want to). Use an additional white flat sheet and just put it over your comforter! You might want to buy one size up for it to cover completely. 

I know what you're thinking. "Lauren, there's like a leafy stripe thing on the duvet... it's not just white." I got you. Pick up this runner to drape over your bed towards the bottom. 

This one is a splurge, because I'm sure you already have bedside lamps. To really feel like you're on a cruise, your lamp switches should be easy to access. If you've got lamps that have the switch-on-the-cord thing or a switch that's awkwardly under the shade, I picked out "touch lights" for you, which are amazing (I bought some years ago and would never go back to regular switches). So there is a benefit to upgrading to cruise-cabin-worthy modern lamps. 

Your bed is not complete when you enter your cabin for the first time. You need to have those blue rolled-up towels on your bed! Pick up a set of these. Fold them in thirds, then roll. Place on your bed. 

If you're used to interior cabins, you should remove your windows and fill them in with drywall. Yes, I'm kidding. Grab an ocean view tapestry (or two) and either position them over your windows or in the hallway outside your room - for on the way to the pool!

If you're like me and bring your Funtimes home with you, grab one and put it on your desk to complete the look.

Step 2: Prepping your pool experience

I can't help you with alcohol content if you don't have liquor at home and aren't able to get any. But a virgin cocktail is almost as fun! I recommend a more expensive quality mix if you don't have liquor... 
Pro tip: If you're able to get your hand on at least one lime, cut a wedge and run it around the rim of your glass to do a salt rim. 

If you're used to Carnivals older ships, you're going to want that nice teak wood deck experience. Grab one or more of these to put next to your tub.

I don't have and idea for replicating their plastic decks, nor would I want to do that. One of these might give you the right color if that's the vibe you want your pool to have. Warning: These may be slippery when wet, so careful getting out!

Fill your tub up a few inches with warm water if you want to just wade in your pool with your cocktail. For the hot tub experience, fill it up hot, and have someone else in your house deliver your cocktails to you as you relax.

Step 3: Plan for dinner

First, decide if you want the "room service" experience or the "Dining Room" experience:

Room service:
Like interior cabins, your bedroom probably has little more than a bed in it. You might have a desk, but if you do, I bet it's got a lot of stuff on it. Plan to eat, sitting on your bed (this is what I do at least), with the help of some kind of tray or maybe a cutting board.  You're going to need your silverware wrapped up in blue napkins for the final touch.

Dining Room:
This might be a bigger investment, but if you want the right feel, you're going to need a small square table and a white table cloth. The final touches for this dinner are a carafe of ice water, butter in a square dish, and white napkins in a tent fold.

Step 4: Packing

The last step is digging out a suitcase and packing! Just pack your Embarkation day carry on items: the stuff you need for the pool and dinner.

Step 5: You're now ready to start your cruise!

Put on your shorts and cruise shirt that you bought back when you thought you'd be going on a cruise.

Grab your suitcase and head to your cabin. You bought Faster to the Fun, so you don't have to wait until 1:30. Hang out in your cabin for a bit. Read your Funtimes, watch a bit of TV, and enjoy your freshly-sheeted bed.

Then it's time to head to the pool! Put on your favorite cruise bathing suit, your lanyard with an old S&S card, a pair of flops, and grab one of your blue towels.

When it's time for dinner, don't get any ideas about cooking for your home-cruise day. Order some delivery food, and just like on board, make sure you tip! My one bit of advice: don't put in your food order and then head to the pool. There's a good chance you won't hear the door or your phone.

While you're waiting, you can change into your Cruise Casual or Cruise Elegant outfit. Leave your dishes (if you use any) in the kitchen. Someone else will do them (probably you, but in the morning).

After dinner, grab a Dive in Movie blanket and some popcorn and head to the Seaside Theater, or grab another cocktail, and head to Punchliners for some comedy.

Both of these probably take place in your living room with the help of Netflix.

Head off to bed in your cabin to end your home-cruise experience!

What do you think? Are you going to make yourself a home-cruise? Tell me what you did for your socially-distanced vacations! #covidstaycation

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