May 23, 2020

That Time I Lived Like an Adult...

I watched this video and it was... well... "inspiring" might be a strong word... but I was inspired. Mostly to make a shopping list blog post.

But watch it, and then after the video I'm going to help you to furnish your home so that you too can Trick People into Thinking You Live Like an Adult!...
Here's the list:

Croutons If you can't eat bread, they now also make croutons out of cheese.
"Get rid of the futons and bring on the croutons"

A coffee table tray I concede that there is a real purpose for people with a giant ottoman instead of a coffee table.
"It does not have a purpose, but it looks purposeful"

A book or books I personally recommend books about coffee for your coffee table book(s).
"These are not reading books these are looking-at-from a-distance books"

A disorganized pile of seemingly important unopened mail Make sure you do open the actually important mail.
No, you can't buy mail (can you?...)  but you need a holder for it. 

An uncomfortable throw The more scratchy, the better.
"Nothing fits, and you're always kind of uncomfortable"

A cutting board Make sure to get at least one decorative one that can sit out on your counter.
"You must be old enough to rent a car"

A trash can next to your toilet Please, please have this.
"Next-level adulting"

Chip clips If not to keep bugs out, get these to keep your chips fully yummy.
"Look at you! I guess you don't want bugs in your food!"

Art and Candles Thanks, Grace, for validating the weird stuff I have in my house.
"Suddenly your place has a snappy personality and some competing odors"

Side tables I'm between homes and currently using the arms of my couch for my beverages. I feel like a barbarian.
"Why not have some options"

Extra toilet paper near your toilet Also, please have this. Don't make it hard or impossible for me to find it.
Don't make people have to ask... or worse: drip dry

Tissues I do agree with this. Until recently I directed people to use TP in the bathroom.
"Wow. When they're sick, they have a separate paper product to blow their nose"

Security system Okay, I really want this.
"Yes, I do have a bat, shaped like a cane, directly next to my bed" 

A decent comforter for your bed Don't break the bank, but it's worth not skimping on this.
Also, a cover so that it's easier to wash.

So that's all the things you need to trick people into thinking you live like an adult. Let me know how your makeover goes and/or what else you do to trick people into thinking you live like an adult!


  1. This is such a great post. The sad fact is I have a few of things in my home. I fully feel like an adult now!!

  2. Croutons out of cheese? Uhm, yes please!

  3. I have most of these but I fail on the TP one. So my kids need to learn to replace the TP or they are at the mercy of someone.

  4. Haha, I do a lot of these. And we do have a security system to be on the safe side!

  5. Home is where the heart is and you are making it a beautiful home. I love this list.

  6. #Adulting101. This phase is really part of life, and you can notice that these are the essentials, so why not, right?

  7. This is a lovely post and so relatable. I do have most of the things and action them to, thankgod I am an adult :)

  8. This is hilarious! And also, I need to go shopping lol.

  9. That make me laugh but to be honest I don't mind to buy coffee table tray�� I would force my husband to bring me coffee to our bed

  10. Home is the only place where we can live freely and happily...These home decore ideas are really amazing much lovely...Thanks for sharing.,..(World in Eyes)

  11. WHAT!? croutons made of cheese!!??! I had no idea!!

  12. I too have some of these items on my shopping list. Hope to buy them soon

  13. Hehe. I have some of these things in my home so I suppose I'm half living as an adult.