April 23, 2020

That Time I Quipped...

I really like my Oral B electric toothbrush, but I've had my eye on the Quip for a long time. I like it's small footprint, but it lacks the spinny quality of the Oral B.

I've contemplated getting one for my travel bag, but $25-$55 seemed like a lot for such a purpose...

After months, maybe years, of getting their emails, I got one that changed everything one thing. They were giving $10 off the kids version making it $15. After a small amount of research I determined is mostly identical except for the brush head which is interchangeable with the adult size brush heads.

And I went for it.

I placed my order for a green (!) kids brush with a subscription so that I could get the subscription price and free shipping. I then promptly deleted my subscription as I won't actually need a new brush head every 3 months.
My Quip arrived in a shiny silver package in about 5 days.

Inside, it was in an unnecessary plastic tube, but it's at least recyclable.

It came with a little booklet, which I have no idea if there is an adult version of.

And stickers! I bet the adult version comes with the exact same sticker sheet.

Also, the watermelon toothpaste (an adult brush comes with mint)...

Which is supposed to last for 3 months but only if you follow the strict "pea-sized" amount recommendation.

The case it comes with allows it to be free-standing, but could easily be knocked over, on a counter. 

Or, it can be stuck (and re-stuck) to any smooth surface.

The holder can also double as a cover for travel, but imo makes it kind of bulky, and I'll probably just put it in my travel bag without the holder.

Finally, I tested it out!

I didn't hate it, but its basically a regular toothbrush that kind of vibrates. It's like that razor that vibrates for some reason. You brush with it the same as a regular brush, and maybe the vibration and rubbery things add a little extra to the manual work you're doing.

While I'm less than pumped for my tube of watermelon toothpaste that came with my toothbrush (it would have cost $5 to NOT get it with my starter set), I'm pretty excited about my electric travel brush.

I won't be replacing my Oral B with this and am unsure if it was worth buying even just for travel. Can't hurt I guess. I'm glad it was only $15.

When I want a new brush head, I can start a subscription for just the brush (adult this time and without the toothpaste which costs $5 as a refill item) for a while.

The coupon code expired on 4/22, but if you're interested, just sign up for their emails and I'm sure they'll run it again.

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