October 03, 2018

That Time I Ate Ramen Noodles...

I was walking into Walmart and spotted something interesting.

A new (to me at least) flavor of Ramen Noodles!...
 So I needed to try it. I purchased one and took it home with me.

I opened it up and set aside the familiar flavor packet. Not sure how this soup would be creamy without something to thicken the soup, but we'll see.

I basically have no patience so I boiled some water in a kettle and poured it over my noodles.

I stirred in the flavoring and my soup was done! 
Per my suspicions, it did not turn out creamy, but did have a vaguely creamy flavor.

My favorite flavor is still Oriental, but this was decent. I would pick it over the regular chicken flavor... that is of course only if something in my life resulted in having to live of ramen noodles again!

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