August 09, 2018

That Time I Went To Vigo...

Vigo was my last European stop on our transatlantic cruise. I've never heard of Vigo, outside of the villain from Ghostbusters II.

We were pretty exhausted from the jet lag followed by three other ports so we didn't plan much...

The one thing I heard about in Vigo that sounded cool was also really close to the Port: the Jules Verne monument. So that was our whole plan.

We found it and took many selfies with him. He had cool tentacles, and according to the plaque, the sculpture exists because Verne references the Bay of Vigo in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

After our photo-op, I asked Husband to look up if there was a Starbucks nearby so I could get another souvenir espresso mug (there was but I didn't). But we decided the 40 minute walk would give us a destination and the ability to see the city.

On the way we saw a cool fountain. But otherwise, the city mostly looked like every other city.

We got to Starbucks which was inside of a department store. They did not have Vigo cups. But since we walked all that way, we decided to shop a little.

Husband picked out a red bikini for me and I picked out a green polo shirt and a green necktie for him.

We headed back towards our shop, this time taking a slight different route and came across some dinosaur topiaries in a little plaza.

We walked farther into the Plaza and finally saw some pretty buildings that didn't look like New York.

Also in the Plaza was a gelato shop, and after a decent amount of walking (seriously, that store was huge) we decided we needed some. Plus it had been almost a week since we had it in Italy.

I thought it would be sub-par because we were in Spain, but I guess the worst gelato in Spain is probably better than the best gelato in the US. It was good.

It was hard to pick just one flavor... evidenced by my two flavors - Nutella & Rocher (as in the Ferarro Rocher chocolate).
So. Good!

We got back to the boat with hours to spare - still scarred from the day before - and in need of a nap.

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