August 02, 2018

That Time I Ate Mall Sushi...

Husband and I were driving across Pennsylvania and decided we wanted to stop and do something fun along our route.
We were near Harrisburg, so I thought there might be a Dave & Busters, and hat we could play arcade games for an hour, like grown-ups....

I found a listing for Dave & Busters at the Harrisburg mall and navigated us there.

When we got there it was “coming soon” and, turns out, the Google maps listing was not a legit, official listing. We decided to walk around the mall since we’d come all that way.

We found our way to the food court and there it was: a sushi kiosk.
This was the most ridiculous thing we ever heard of, so obviously we had to try it. We sat down at the counter and and picked out some menu items.

We were the only ones waiting for food, so both sushi chefs got to work right in front of us.
In about 5 minutes we had our salmon combo, a nigiri sampler, a “crazy roll,” and our hot green tea.
The Crazy Roll was, not surprisingly, my favorite. Shrimp tempura rolls and spicy salmon rolls are tied for my favorite sushi, so it sounded like the best of both worlds.
Crazy Roll: Jumbo shrimp tempura roll topped with spicy tuna or salmon
The nigiri was also excellent.
Assorted Nigiri: Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, whitefish, eel & Shrimp
As I was watching them slice the fish for it, the prices were so big that I thought he was going to then cut the slices in half.
Nope. He kept cutting more and these huge pieces of fish were each for a nigiri.
Husband loves salmon nigiri so we got extra of that, delicious of course.
Salmon Combo: 3 salmon nigiri & one salmon roll

So. If you’re ever in Harrisburg, and have a chance to go to the mall: go. to. the. sushi. kiosk. You will not be disappointed.

EDIT (7/29/2022)
Yes, we've been back a lot. Still in full swing and delicious as ever:

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  1. That looks good. Guess I'll be brave one of these days and give mall sushi a go.

    I love your blog!