July 31, 2018

That Time It Was Plastic Free July 2018...

I do not have a lot to say this year. Not because I have given up on the cause, but because I have mostly maxed out what I can do to be plastic-free:...
1) I use a reusable cup or I go thirsty.

2) I say no to straws, or order something that won't come with a straw (like hot coffee).
3) I bring my own grocery bags and produce bags. If I forget, I carry everything or find a plastic bag that has been rejected by someone for some reason and put in a nearby trash can (you'll see this at self check-out).
4) I don't use sandwich (or other size) plastic bags. I have reusable ziplock bags and pyrex storage containers.
5) I don't use floss (this may be an unrelated preference).  
6) I choose produce that isn't already in plastic. This might mean going to different grocery stores for different items, or skipping them altogether.
Want to know about my previous-years' plastic-free victories? See: "Labels" below, and click "Plastic Free July"

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