June 03, 2011


I did take these with my SLR but I guess I loaded my film wrong so I was happy that I also took them with my digi. I decided to share two with you today, just cause... well I don't really have a reason. 

These are some tulips that are on the side of a road by an apartment complex's sign. I like how pretty they are but how they are usually ignored.

I don't really know what this is about. It's also abandoned, on the side of the road and surrounded by apartment complexes. You would think someone would want to do something with the land and yet this lonely one-car garage stands by itself amongst the brush.  I wonder if there's anything in it!


  1. Things like that free-standing, tiny garage always creep me out. Why is it there? Why is it still there? How many dead things are stacked within its walls? I guess the same feeling when I see abandoned cars on the side of the interstate. I know the person probably just couldn't afford to tow or fix the car, but there's something disturbing about an abandoned white van just chillin' at the bottom of a ditch.

    In short: I don't like that garage.

  2. ... Apparently I guess feelings... and can't type on Boyfriend's angular 1990's keyboard....

  3. First of all, haha! I guess feelings too!
    Second, abandoned cars freak me out too. I feel like murders are hiding in them.

  4. The random garage looks kind of like it's just a door with nothing behind it. That would be cool! And way less creepy, because there couldn't be stuff/murderers hiding in it...

    I like the tulips! :)