June 10, 2011

Monkeying Around

I don't have any new photos from my film camera, so we're back to Japan photos this week. I really must go somewhere else. Next week I should not only have photos taken on film, but also from NJ instead of PA! w00t w00t! Anyway. There was this place in Japan that just had all these monkeys just walking around, hanging around. We bought monkey food to feed them which is why they were all gathered around us. It was pretty neat (yep, I really just said "neat") and they were super cute! 

I have no idea what this sign says, don't ask.
I look really "adult" in this photo. That's my bro. We look more like each other than either of our rents.


  1. That's... a whole lotta monkey.

  2. @Liddy: That's what she said.
    @Idaho: Haha, I think it's the monkey's mouth.