November 22, 2019

That Time I Stayed in a Suite...

I've never been so excited about a hotel room.

I feel like it's not worth fully explaining - but basically, in a Perfect Storm of Marriott loyalty program circumstances, Husband and I were able to book a hotel room at the Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel & Executive Meeting Center (are you out of breath reading that? I'm out of breath typing it.) for a really (relatively) small amount of points, and then upgrade to a junior suite for FREE...

I picked the Sheraton Miami Airport rest of the name for our pre-cruise hotel for two reasons. The point-level for each night's stay and that it has a club lounge. The only reason not to is that it's 30 minutes from the port and we didn't even fly into the Miami Airport (Fort Lauderdale is enough cheaper that it's worth the Uber ride to Miami).


After booking the room, I was able to request an upgrade.

I had to wait until 5 days before check-in to find out if we got it, because it's based on unsold rooms.

I logged into his account and, huzzah!, the request was confirmed!

Let me tell you. It was an excellent way to start a vacation! Bonus that we would be at this hotel for two nights before our cruise instead of just one!

We had an extra 1/2 bath, which was surprisingly weird to see in a hotel room.

You just really expect to see a shower when you walk into a hotel bathroom. And it's disorienting (at least it was for me) for it to not be there.

What I was most excited for, was the spiral staircase.

I don't know what it is, but I just love them. I really want one in my house now.

Yeah, so our suite was two stories tall.

And we had two entry doors. One on each floor.

The rest of the room was pretty standard (for a suite).

Oh yeah, and there's actually an even bigger suite - which is also two floors but much larger, which we didn't have access to upgrade to.

In case you were wondering. And I know you were.

And here are the rest of my photos of the suite:

Maybe I should also talk about the hotel in general, now that I think about it. It's a really nice hotel. 

The lobby is really nice as is the pool, which has an outdoor bar and a sandy beach-y area. 

Also, with our status and/or suite*, we got one set of breakfast vouchers and access to the club lounge which had unlimited coffee, soda, juice, and fruit all day long.

The lounge also has hors d'oeuvers for 2 hours each evening and continental breakfast every morning.

Sadly, we missed those the first night. There were also sandwich supplies, grilled veggies, and potstickers the night we were there #freedinner.

The breakfast in the restaurant was better than in the lounge because of the omelet station. But with being there more than one night, we got to have our second breakfast free also with our suite and/or status. 

TLDR: I really loved it. I loved the loft bedroom. I loved going up and down the spiral stairs, and I loved the extra entry door (it just really amused me).

I highly recommend this room to anyone who can afford it. That's unfortunately not actually us so this was a one-time thing. Husband will not have the fancy status next year or for the foreseeable future, but we just enjoyed it while it lasted.

Here's an iguana.

*I say "and/or" because if we didn't get the suite, we'd still get the club and breakfast vouchers with our status, and vice versa. In case anyone is about to start traveling a lot and wants help deciding which hotel brand to frequent. 

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