November 19, 2019

That Time I Had Funtimes on the Carnival Paradise...

Here are all the Funtimes-es for one of Carnival Paradise's 5-Day Caribbean cruises (Grand Cayman & Cozumel)....
I did this itinerary back to back... we were supposed to go to Cuba. So, yes, they repeat.

Enjoy! (Click to enlarge)
Sea Day
Grand Cayman/Patriot Day
Sea Day
Embarkation 2
Sea Day 2
Grand Cayman 2
Cozumel 2
Sea Day 2

And bonus! The Camp Ocean itineraries!

Penguins Ages 2-5
Sharks Ages 9-11
Circle C Ages 12-14
Club O2 Ages 15-17
More on cruising :)

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