December 22, 2018

That Time I Played Trivia on NCL...

Until last month, I had only been on one Norwegian cruise and the rest were all Carnival. When I went on the Gem last month, and we played our first round of trivia, I discovered we never played when we ween on the Breakaway last year (unless they changed their system...seems unlikely).

 So, Carnival gives out a trophy. Aptly named: Ship on a Stick.
This is my friend, not someone form google.
She was very proud to be cruise-famous on our cruise.
I assumed Norwegian also gives out one prize per trivia and never thought about what the prize might be...

When trivia started, I asked someone nearby what the prize was and they said some thing like "a plastic luggage handle." Not 100% sure what they meant by that. 

So we played and at the end we found out that they in fact do not give prizes for each trivia. You get points.
I didn't take a photo, this IS from google; apparently an old version.
So you get a little piece of card stock and the trivia host gives you one signature (per person who plays, not per team) every time you play. If you win you get two signatures. 

And then I waited and waited for 11 days (the length of my cruise) to find out what I could get with all my points! 

Prize redemption took place in the library for like two hours the last night of the cruise. It's in the Freestyle Daily and also the hosts started announcing the time and location on probably day 9. 

I got to the front of the line and there was this piece of paper. There were 5 prizes that you could get based on the range of points you have. Mostly makes sense. 

As this was my first time collecting points, I do not know if the prizes change. I ended up with 3 activity cards because I kept forgetting to bring them, but that meant I was easily able to break up my points into two categories, since I had something like 40 points.

That means I was able to use one card to get a key chain:
I think we were supposed to pick one, but they gave us both. one is a bottle opener; the other a badge cruise card holder.

I was also able to get the playing cards!
I play poker with a group of friends regularly, so this was actually a decent prize. They won't last that long cause they're not the laminated kind, but I can recycle them so that's good.

I really wanted the coffee mug. They are pretty and glass. Although probably crappy with that seam down the side when glass things are cheap. I don't care though. I WILL get one on my next NCL cruise. 
Should be manageable, the next one 13 days! :D

The next prize up is the T-shirt, which I did not want. At all. There is an NCL logo on the back that I didn't take a photo of cause the shirt is so stupid (no offense to all that cherish this shirt).
"Feel Free to Call Me Champ."
It would be better if it wasn't white.

I didn't take a picture of the "power bank" because I didn't realize that that's what was in the little cardboard boxes until I had already spent so much time taking photos. It's one of these:
I don't advise anyone opt for this prize as they are really crappy and you're better off buying a good one, if you want a power bank for your phone.

I should also mention that the activity points are not just for playing trivia, that is just the most frequent activity.

There were a couple other activities that I was aware of that earned points, but nothing I remember or participated in. Crafts were not one of them.


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