January 09, 2013

That Time When Someone Prejudged Me On the Internet

This weekend I'm driving down to MD to hang out with Kirsti for the weekend since she's all gonna be in MD for three weeks. W00t!

A couple of my friends jumped at the chance to join me so I booked a hotel room for all us. Then they both discovered they can't really go. So I asked Kirsti if I could just stay w/ her (she said yes) but since maybe her roommate would be uncomfortable about it, I went on airbnb.com and found a place nearby that was cheapish but only 6$ cheaper than the hotel room I booked so I emailed her asking if she'd lower her price.

I neglected to go into depth about my reason for stay and just said I was visting my friend and would rather not stay with "her and her roommates (I didn't feel like explaining that it was one and was a hotel room and everything else)." I also offered lower than I wanted to pay thinking she understood how to haggle.

Here is her response:

"Hi Lauren,
Thank you for your interest in staying with us. We enjoy hosting people who desire a homestay experience. It sounds like you are looking for a place to crash. Perhaps it would be better for you to stay with your friend and her roommates. Best wishes! ~g"

I'm sure I shouldn't have but I did anyway, my response: "28 year olds don't "crash." We're going to be sightseeing all weekend, not drinking like I'm sure you assumed. Sorry I didn't specify that she's staying in a hotel with roommates while she's on a study abroad trip from Australia. And sorry I just figured if I could get a hotel for $54 through an organization I'm part of, it's not worth the $6 less to stay farther away and was hoping for something cheaper since I'm on my own and then you could also get more than the zero you'll be getting by not putting me up. But thanks for saying no without even making a counter offer OR saying your prices are firm and you'd be interested in having me if I would pay them. Thanks anyway I'll be looking elsewhere."

Well fine biotch, I will make better use of my $82 (I offered $35/night plus there's a $12 airbnb fee), even though I wouldn't have ended up staying there anyway.

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  1. Wow. I love your response. You don't want to stay with with that attitude.