January 14, 2013

Movie Monday: Jan-Feb '13 Edition

I'm going to start posting monthly movie picks by way of giving you trailers to watch. Why should you decide based on my "reviews?" Since it's half way through January already, we're kicking it off going through the end of Feburary as well.

Movies from Jan and Feb 2013 I plan to see so you should too.

Promised Land: Jan 11
I couldnt find a trailer with more John Krasinski in it.

Zero Dark Thirty: Jan 11
If for no other reason I'm going to see it to see Andy not playing Andy.

Struck by Lightning: Jan 11
Seriously who isn't in this movie? Really stretching who can "pass" for highschoolers though.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters: Jan 25
Why aren't there more movies about historical figures/characters hunting fantastical beings?

Warm Bodies: Feb 1
I heard this was done by the Twilight people... I don't care.

Identity Theif: Feb 8
I'm almost glad Gilmore Girls is no longer around so that Melissa McCarthy can be in movies now.

Safe Haven: Feb 14
Probably won't see this opening weekend with all the gross couples all gross and in love.


  1. These all look great, especially Promised Land. Not only 'cause of John Krasinski. ;)