November 19, 2012

The Thanksgiving Song

So apparently this happened. I'm going to let you watch it first then comment on it.

So the guy who wrote and produced the Rebecca Black "Friday" song/video is back and with a vengeance. It's like he was thinking "people hated how stupid Friday was, how can I do something that will be worse?" Dude, please stop teaching us the calendar. I know the order of the days of the week AND I shockingly also know what months which holidays fall in ("December was Christmas, January was New Years, April was Easter, and the Fourth of July, Now it's Thanksgiving").

So these holidays a) take place during the entirety of those months not one day of them and 2) WHAT MONTH IS THE FORTH OF JULY!?!?!. (if you can't include it in the pattern leave it out). Worst part of the video production, where are the grown-ups? Why is a 12year old cooking the chicken sized turkey? Why is the 12 year old hosting thanksgiving for her 12 year old friends? I guess they all got "Home Aloned?" But wait. There is a grown-up. The rapper (and producer) from "Friday" returns and creepily joins them dressed as a turkey.

Anyway, terrible lyrics and video concepts aside, I'm struggling to understand why this guy is continuing to produce these after the disaster that was "Friday." He wants these girls to be shot down all across the internet? (currently likes, 139,081 dislikes. I think he just wants to A) be in the videos so people will see him? and 2) make ad revenue on YouTube (9,481,414 views... so far.

Also in my researching if he was in fact the same creepy dude from the Rebecca Black video, I found this: 

It's Saturday morning. H-A-P-P-Y.  But somehow not as bad as the other two. But he is still a grown man hanging out with minors. Where are the parents?!

And for anyone who hasn't yet seen it:

Okay so petty criticism time (it's just not in me not to):
1) Let's stop pretending anyone counts down to Thanksgiving and that it's a child's favorite holiday.
2) Who brings bbq ribs to Thanksgiving dinner?
3) Why is she not happy her friend brought cranberry sauce? She actually gives him a dirty look.  He could have brought nothing, and cranberry sauce is the second best Thanksgiving food.
4) Rapping. This time being done by the girl, rapping about what foodis on the table and "Can't be hateful, gotta be grateful."
5) I already said it sorta, but why are these kids not at their family's dinners?
6) Turkey leg microphone.

1 comment :

  1. I too was wondering where the grownups are and why they were having such a formal dinner as friends. The black guy ends up looking like a creeper predator because of his weird interaction with them.

    when the girl starts rapping i was like "oh my gosh nooooooooooooooooo".

    I think its notoriety and ad revenue.