November 21, 2012

David Tennant Wants YOU to be Writing

So being the only one in my department who is wage-payroll and without part-time benefits yet, I was the only one total* who actually went into work today while everyone one else took the day off. The difference being that the other wage people have vacation time now and get paid for holidays, and I get neither. It was less lonely and painful and tortuous and cabin fever-y than I thought. Luckily I had a number of things to work on and I compromised with myself and only worked the middle of the day and did not try to do a full 8 hours.

Regardless, on my trip across campus, which had to be on foot since the buses that go from where I'd get on to where I'd get off don't run when students are not around, I detoured through one of the classroom buildings and spotted this on the door of someone's office:

I'm barely a writer but thoroughly enjoyed it, and appreciated whomever that office belongs to for brightening the start to a day I thought would feel like this:
 And instead went more like this:
So after I got it posted on fb, I did as I was told and wrote this post.
I should stop by sometime after the break and meet the owner because we should so obviously be best friends, but I probably won't because that requires being more outgoing that I am capable of being.

P.S. While trying to decide if my spelling of "Tennant" in the title of this post was correct, I figured out what caused me to no longer be able to spell "tenant" correctly in one try.  

*Turned out there was one other, but it was someone who a) does a different job than me, and 2) I don't know well enough to just chit-chat with. And I didn't know he'd also be working till I saw him on my buddy list once I got to my desk.

**Kirsti, You are welcome for the David Tennant gifs :)

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