July 16, 2012

New House: Week 2; The 7 Residences Later, I Finally Got Checks Without My Parent's Address Edition

All of this is in no particular order.

The screen door to the patio was all kinds of crappy and beyond fixing. I could position it so that it would stay on... until you try to slide it. And it wouldn't retain 90ยบ angles. Not ideal for keeping bugs out. So I went to Lowe's checked out what they had and determined that I was going to get a new one home in my sedan. It just... Barely... Fit.

I had a bungee cord to keep the trunk closedish.
Yay it works! Hmm that trim could use some paint...
So my kitchen is kinda teenie to the point where there is no good place for a trash can except under the sink. But as much as I like trash cans that flop around under the sink, where there once was not a place for one...
Now there is one!
So many things that slide were installed last week.
I got the rest of my furniture moved in thanks to my 2nd roommate being in town to move her furniture and her dad having a truck. And her dad and boyfriend being willing to carry my super-heavy pull-out couch which was super appreciated!

Anyway. I think that maybe we need even more furniture because there is just too much space to walk around still. You cant even really get a sense of it from this photo so just trust me. One of the tables and the extra TV stand won't be staying.
This photo does however show the new paint colors pretty well :)
I just really don't want to get rid of any furniture since in a couple or less years I'm hoping I won't need to have a roommate in the basement, and will already have some furniture that will go down there. 

So this is what the lock on my gate looked like. As you can see it worked REALLY well. If you lift the door you can force it but no thank you so $5 later I have one that works!
Yay. Not the most fun trying to fit it inside/around the holes already in the wood.

There was this really nice door knob and deadbolt on my front door... As you can see, the spring in the knob doesn't work any more so, while that was useful when carrying heavy boxes in, not ideal post move-in. I also felt it would be a good idea to change the locks just because.
It was easy enough to do but what I did not anticipate was that this lovely design would remain after removing the hardware.
It almost looks intentional but, no, I will be painting the door now. But look how pretty my new ones are!

I also decided to get one of those silly designer keys for myself when getting extras made, and when showing one of my friends discovered she had gotten the same one years ago!
The paint has since gotten worn off...
One other thing I did last week was order new checks so they'd have my new address. The last time I ordered checks I was in college so I chose to put my parent's address on them. I have been working off the same 2 boxes of checks ever since because I write something like 2 checks a month or less these days. I could keep using them but after 9 years, and now owning property that is not my parents address, I'd say its time for a change. Knowing how long it will take to use the new ones up, this was a tough decision with so many designs to choose from. I also had to decide if I wanted to still with fun/cutesy or try to have something somewhat professionalish.

If they still existed, I would have chosen these, no question:

 But they don't. So I considered a variety of flowers and patterns and secretly really wanted these so that I could send out checks that had Orlando Bloom's face on them:
 But I couldn't get past how much most people would judge me for them. After much deliberation and searching, I came across these and had to have them:
They represent something about me with out being silly and I <3 them. Plus, they are printed on recycled paper and spread the message! Albeit, only about twice a month. Still.

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