July 07, 2012

New House: Day 3

So this is where the not having my iPod comes in. I was taking photos with it and not my phone and now they may no longer exist in my life.

Okay so Day 3, my mom's project, now that she knew which paint was which, she turned this mess of a color:

Into this!:
It's actually bluer in real life. And, oh yeah I took down the terrible curtain rod yesterday so I did a teeny bit of work.
Dad spent the entire day on another project, a clothing rod. As you can see. what was currently there are weird little hooks that hangers go on. But no thank you to fiddling with that (plus its about a foot higher than I wanted to reach) and having a finite amount of hangers I can hang. So another 12-14 hours later and many more trips to Lowe's and clothing rod and new shelf I can reach! I can reach the other one, hence why he left it, but again, about a foot higher than I'd like.
I was working again and tireder from being up late so I was even less useful except I did unpack like one box into my pantry! Actually to be fair, both this day and the previous one, I stopped at my apartment to load up my car and then unloaded it solo. So as the only one moving boxes I had a right to be too tired to start painting at 6:00pm.
Not in focus enough to be worth being bigger.

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