February 14, 2012


i got it i got it i got it i got it!!! The tracking information said that I wasn't going to get it until last Friday so, when it showed up last Wednesday I could not have been more psyched! I found some of the stuff that's collected over the years and that I've collected more recently and got started straight away. I then used my new ipod app to take these photos of some of the pages I've done/started. I am truly in love. 

Now that I've got some SMASHing out of my system I may slow down, but I will be bringing you more in the near future! I also already got a second one for stuff that I've accumulated from years ago so that I have one for present time and one for any old stuff. Also it was an excuse to have two different colored ones.

Happy SMASHing!

p.s. get yours at Michaels (they have coupons on their website!) or amazon.com. Again, I get no compensation for this endorsement :P ...Though I wish I did.


  1. So a SMASH book is just a scrapbook? I'm not completely understanding, I don't think.

  2. Well yeah they are similar in concept but modern scrapbooks, the ones people like me spend tons of money on supplies for, are fancier and much more elaborate.
    But yeah technically the Smash journals are also scrapbooks.

  3. I must admit, when I opened a link that said SMASHED I expected a much different post. Bravo, Lauren. Very clever title lol.

    I checked out these SMASH Folios on Amazon. They're kind of interesting. I enjoy the idea of scrapbooking but never have the time or creativity to do so. SMASH seems like they make it easy. Also, it's really fun to type SMASH.