February 13, 2012

Annie Are You Okay?

And there are more that I couldn't get to so there will be extra next week! There might even be a GIF!

As you know, I really do not like Glee but I <3 <3 <3 this song. Not a huge fan of the singers but I really like the analog instruments (yes I know they're not really called that, but now that I think about it,  I feel like they should be).


Kelly knows the boy-rules of texting.


  1. I know that Kelly is supposed to be a shallow character and everything she says is a joke, but honestly, I have a friend who almost ALWAYS calls when I text her or even leave something on her Facebook, and it drives me insane. I use texting because I don't have time to talk to you for fifteen minutes right now! GAH!

  2. Yeah I HATE that! I put it on facebook i want it to stay on facebook! Tho I think Kelly was analogizing it to dating which made it extra funny to me.