July 14, 2011

(500 Days of) Autumn

Well I don't really have a story for today but I do have something to post. I was watching (500 Days of) Summer and if you haven't seen it, you won't get this but I thought it would be awesome if there was a sequel "(500 Days of) Autumn. "So I started working on a stop-motion video for the "sequel" and here is a teaser image for it.

So yes. It's a metaphor.

I know it's not that exciting, it's a tree, but I wanted to show it off due to the amount of time I spent on it.


  1. I've seen (500) Days of Summer more times than I can count! lol. I always say that they should make a sequel called (However Many) Days of Autumn! So, this post is awesome! :)

  2. Thanks! Your appreciation will help encourage me to actually pursue this project :)