January 03, 2011

Food Preparation is Hard

I’ve never been good at keeping healthy (or unhealthy for that matter) snack food in my home. I rarely have anything that doesn’t require some kind of food prep such as heating (frozen pizza) or slathering (bagel w/ cream cheese). So what usually happens when I get hungry is I either try drinking some sort of beverage to see if I can trick my body into thinking its not hungry, or I find some sort of chocolate/cookies/icing/non-real-but-still-edible-food-item to fill up on.
Today the only thing in my fridge not requiring more than one step to be able to consume it was a lime I bought for I’m not sure what reason. I proceeded to slice it up and then eat it like an orange. While my roommate stared at me to see if I was really going to do it.

Believe it or not, this wasn’t the first time I’ve done this. At least I didn’t eat the piles of chocolate you can see in the picture. And now I won’t get scurvy.


  1. But was it filling?
    I'm enjoying your blog very much too!

  2. haha no not really but it was a good tide-me-over snack!