September 07, 2021

That Time I Had Funtimes on Carnival's Mardi Gras...

Here are all the daily schedules for Carnivals' Modified 7-Day Eastern Caribbean Mardi Gras cruises (San Juan, Amber Cove, Nassau)....
I don't know if this change is permanent or temporary, but they did not give us printed Funtimes every day for this sailing. It's all in the App! But, they did have a 1-page printed version at guest services available, which I got each day so that I could have it here for you!

Enjoy! (Click to enlarge)

Day 1, Embarkation Day
Day 2, Sea Day, Formal Night
Day 3, Sea Day
Day 4, Port Day, San Juan
Day 5, Port Day, Amber Cove
Day 6, Sea Day, Formal Night
Day 7, Port Day, Nassau

And more...
Debarkation Day Info

More on cruising :)

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