February 08, 2021

That Time I Bought My Produce From Misfits Market...

I decided to try out Misfits Market over the summer. It's is a subscription box service that sends less-than-perfect produce to you which reduces food waste. They use almost all non-plastic packaging which makes it even more appealing to me. 

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And I was generally happy with it. I did start to eliminate certain products from my selections based on how they held up during shipping...
Until winter started coming and all the veggie options were ones I didn't want. So I put my subscription on pause until April.

I got a monthly email from them last week, and I clicked into the "what's in this month's boxes," and decided to unpause my account get another one again. They were claiming it's citrus season. 

I'll be unboxing in another post when the box comes, so until then... some more info for anyone who might be interested (and if you missed it above, you can use this link to get $10 off your first box! You can cancel right away if you don't want another one).

Delivery date
You can choose any day between Tue-Sat so that you can try to be home when it's delivered. The box comes with eco-friendly insulation, so it's not a big deal if you don't get it right away, but you wouldn't want to have it sitting outside all day long. 

You can pick Weekly, Biweekly Even Weeks, or Biweekly Odd Weeks. You can skip any shipment you don't want to make sure you don't get a delivery when you'll be out of town or so you don't have too much food. 

There are two box sizes. I got the small one the first time and then started getting the large one and only getting one every 4 weeks. The small one was a better size for me and my Husband, but you get a bigger discount on the large box. 

The price doesn't include shipping ($) and the "discount" is probably based on organic veggie prices. I assessed this by weighing each item (just the first time) and building a matching order (non-organic) on Instacart. The price came out about the same as the price of my box.

You are able to pick your items as soon as 6 days (at 4pm, put it on your calendar) before your selected delivery date. Just go to https://www.misfitsmarket.com/account and wait for the countdown to end. 

At exactly 4pm you'll be able to make your selections. The choices are different every week.

Items do sell out so it's best if you make your order as soon as possible. There are 3 categories of food in which you must choose the specified number of items (varies by week and box size). You cannot select any item multiple times. If you don't pick, you get a random selection.

I know it's tiny, it was the best way to capture it quickly for you and not risking missing what I wanted!

If you really don't want that week's selection, it's not too late to opt-out. You just have to cancel three-or-more days before your delivery date (for me, I could have canceled by Wednesday for my Saturday order)

You would just follow the same process for skipping any other box.

Following your regular selection, you can pick some premium and pantry items. I usually don't because of the organic pricing. But this time I picked a couple of items for my convenience.

(2 avocados and 3 1/2lbs of mushrooms)

You can easily add/remove items from the marketplace until you're billed, but items might sell out. 

Changing items
I did try to change my items once. I expected the system to pull up what I'd already picked and I could make changes. Instead, I had to start from scratch. 

This could mean some items might suddenly not be available anymore. So, I don't recommend making changes unless it's right away.

And then you wait! 

I think that covers it. Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions! Stay tuned for the unboxing!

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