August 16, 2019

That Time I Made A Death Star...

This is another thing I tried for Plastic Free July this year... Making glue!

I used the recipe for glue from My Plastic Free Life which consists of flour, water, and hot water. But her recipe makes like a quart of glue which I do not need especially just for trying out a plastic-free thing...

So I took the same recipe and made it with tablespoons instead of cups: 
1/2 TBSP flour
1 TBSP cold water
3 TBSP boiling microwaved water

I mixed the flour and cold water together in my pot (cold) first while I microwaved the other 3 TBSP of water for a minute. My advice now that I've made a few batches is to always mix in a little bit of water first, then add more water. Otherwise it may come out lumpy. 

I mixed it all together then cooked it on the stove in the smallest pot I have for 5 minutes.
I would probably double this recipe next time so that it's less likely to burn/overcook.

And I have it stored in a teenie mason jar!
I clicked through to a post she linked about stuff to add to homemade glue, mostly to increase shelf life, and added a pinch of salt to my glue. I cooled it in the fridge and then tried it out!

After it cooled, it was a lot more gelatin-y than I expected. I think I overcooked it since I made such a small batch.

But it did work! The 5 minute cook-time was based on a much bigger recipe. Cook it till its hot and smooth then stop. 

I added some water and microwaved it (so the water would mix in) to thin it out. And it worked better. 

Yes, there is tape on the box. I did that before I made the glue. But I glued the label on!
I have since used this glue to glue the package closed. Just needed
something to weigh down the flaps while the glue dries. 
It wrinkled a little from the moisture, but so would any liquid glue. My label actually did pretty much stick to the tape also.


But you're right. This post is called "That Time I Made A Death Star..."

Well, I didn't originally expect to do this, but I needed to make a paper mache Death Star for Husband because of reasons. Googled how to paper mache, as I haven't done it since I was 8, and turns out flour glue wheat paste is a popular paper mache medium!

So, I made a larger batch - 1/2 cup flour + 2 cups water and had a successful product (and I mixed in my gloppy first attempt). I just cooked it for about 3 minutes, per the paper mache article, and let it cool.

And I started paper mache-ing! I used an old plastic lampshade as a mold, paper-taped wax paper to it (so my half-sphere would come off), and went to work. I let it dry overnight with a fan blowing on it, then made a second one.
I added more layers over several more days and then I had a sphere! 
It's actually upside-down here.
I added more layers over several more days, painted it, and here it is!

It's supposed to be a box, of sorts, so there's an opening and a lid.

I think it came out great. So great that now we can't throw it away!

I did try freezing my glue so that I don't have to throw out what's leftover every time I need to glue something. It caused my glue to separate, but I just microwaved it for a bit (don't let it boil over - I've done that 3-4 times now) and then stir it up again. Let it cool and then you can use it again.

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