April 06, 2019

That Time I Tried Peeps Cereal...

Yes... I did mean to write this post two months ago. Oops. But I think this cereal is still in stores probably? And Easter hasn't passed quite yet.

Anyway. So I was walking through my supermarket and spotted this ridiculous item.
I don't really eat cereal, but I do love peeps, so I decided that I had to try it...

There are games on the back of the box and everything, so it was totally worth whatever I paid for it.
Reasonable amount of calories per serving.
But how did it taste?! I took it out of the box.
It was just as colorful as the box boasted AND just as many marshmallows. I'm pretty sure it's more marshmallows than other marshmallow-y cereals. 
Maybe it's just my sweet tooth, but I really liked it. "Marshmallow flavored cereal with marshmallows" it sure was.

I'm not about to stock up on it and eat it every day, because then I would die, probably. But I would probably buy anouther box if they make it again next year. 
I think what I liked most about it was that it was a corn-based cereal instead of oat based. For science, I also tried Lucky Charms (it's been so long) and I definitley liked the Peeps cereal better. 

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  1. I never heard of this! Now II have to go try it.