January 11, 2019

That Time I Painted an Exploding Tardis...

A couple of my friends really liked the idea of paint night, but not the cost. They'd actually been once, but didn't want to spend the money again.
Source: scribbleartworkshop.com

They just wanted to drink wine and paint! They volunteered to host the event and I brought over all my paints and some canvases I already had that were not going to get used ever probably any time soon...

I agreed with this idea. The difference between Paint Night events and painting at home is that there is no one to tell you how to do the painting and also what to paint.

I decided to pre-select what I wanted to paint, and picked the faux Van Gogh from Doctor Who - the Exploding Tardis in the style of Starry Night. 

Starry Night is one of my favorite paintings, so having this actually painted and hanging in my house sounded like an excellent choice. 

I had a plan to make it really look like the "real" thing (real enough - SOMEONE painted it...). A poster version of it was created so that BBC could make more money people could have it in their homes, so I was able to find it online and print out a copy - lighter than normal so I could draw grid lines.
I now see that what I printed was NOT the poster, but close enough.

I then transposed the grid and then the basic shapes onto my canvas.

I took no photos of the progress but ended up with a product that looks pretty close to the real on - if I say so myself.

It's not quite the same because I used acryllic instead of oil paint, but I did my best.
My walls aren't black - my coffee table is.

I love how it came out and it will forever live on my wall.


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