October 16, 2017

That Time My Airbnb Guests Kinda....Sucked...

Last year I started renting my house out on Airbnb, seasonally, on weekends when there are major events in town. Until recently I didn't have any problems. People came and went and I mostly just had to clean a bunch of sheets...

Then I had a group whose plan was to have an after-party at my house. I'm not morally opposed to this as long as I don't get complaints from neighbors, and my house doesn't get destroyed. What I DO have a problem with is guest not bringing enough booze with them and thinking it's okay to delve into mine.

No, I didn't have a rule about not drinking our alcohol (we do now), but no one previously has so much as touched our alcohol, so I assumed that common decency was to not take what's not yours and that everyone had that boundary.

Nope, not this group. Not only did they polish off 1/3 of a bottle of craft-distilled whiskey, they also went into our closet, took our bottle of Absolut (375 ml, not full-sized) and drank the entire thing. The main issue I had with this was that we had clearly put it away, but they decided to take it without asking anyway.

I stayed in an Airbnb where the hosts reiterated in like 4 places to not eat their food. I was like "who would do that?" Now I know.

The last offense was their offering of compensation. Yes,  I appreciated that they left money and didn't try to hide that they just took it. But they should have at least asked what they owed me.

Sorry, $20 is not enough. The Absolut is $13 and the whiskey is $40. But even if the whiskey was only 1/4 full, I can't get it locally, so the price of driving to buy a new one has to be factored in. We'll ignore the additional factors that it's not something I was planning on buying again and hence why I still had 1/3 of a bottle after a year of owning it, and that the distillery doesn't currently have it available.

I requested an additional $10 from them citing why $20 didn't cover it, along with a lecture as to why they were shitty (in not so many words). They obliged with no response.

Moral of the story: don't expect everyone to act as you would in the same situation. Trust no one, and lock up your booze.

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