April 08, 2014

20SB Writing Prompt: Movies that Changed Your Life

This week's 20SB prompt:

I really love movies but this is actually hard for me. I've certainly felt inspired by plenty of movies but I don't think ever so much that my life was forever changed. But here are a few.

There used to be a time that I used to just recycle and go about my life. I'm pretty sure that it was Wall-e that kicked that into high gear resulting in my picking recyclables out of the garbage and reprimanding anyone I see not recycling.

No Impact Man:
This made me even "worse" (meaning more annoying) about recycling and now being environmentally friendly in general. It got me going to farmers markets, carpooling more, turning off lights more adamantly, and motivated me to find an environmental group to join. I know I'm just one person but every bit counts and if I can inspire others to act in more sustainable ways then all the better!

He's Just Not that Into You:
This one probably sounds silly. And technically it was more the book than the movie that impacted me so strongly, but the message is still there in the movie. It's really easy for me to lose myself in guys I'm interested in so really understanding the difference between someone who is stringing me along and not actually interested has made my romantic life easier and made me appreciate more all the good that my life does have. I truly learned that, to quote co-author Greg Behrendt, "you are better than having to deal with assholes."

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