March 31, 2014

#20SBprompt: What 3 books summarize you?

I'd been wanting to actually start using 20SB's blog prompts for a while when they stopped doing them, so I feel like when they posted one today I had just had to use it. #runonsentence

Problem is I read pretty close to zero percent of the time so instead I'm going to do 3 TV shows that summarize me:

1) Community:

Like Britta, I tend to say what I'm thinking in lieu of making an effort to be likable. Plus Abed and all his tv/movie references.

2) Psych:
 Shawn is the only person I "know" who's had more jobs than me. I believe I'm up to 15 or 16.

3) Party Down:
Cause sometimes the dream goes awry and I end up back in food service.


  1. Psych is one of my favorite shows too! I was so sad to learn that the current season was it's last. Fortunately, it comes out on DVD soon so I can get my Shawn and Gus fix. Glad you liked this week's prompt, even if you did cheat a little :)

    1. The finale was great but the show will be missed!