August 01, 2013

31 Days of Donations

Every time I'm buying something and the sales person asks me if I want to donate $1 to their miscellaneous thing I always say no. I started to say "not today" so as to imply that I'm not selfish always, just today. My rational being that if I did it every time I'm asked it adds up to a lot. So I started to wonder how much really would saying "yes" cost me? It will of course vary by how much I'm shopping and at how many places that are running those campaigns, but I decided to find out. 

So for the month of August I will henceforth be saying yes to every donation solicitation. Which conveniently, I got one today when I bought something on eBay using PayPal!
So stay tuned and follow along (or join!) on my experiment of saying "yes!" over my 31 Days of Donations!

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