July 19, 2013

Baby Steps

The real reason I decided to buy a solar phone charger was so that I could charge my phone anywhere. I just got it so we'll see how well it works. But as of two days ago (upon watching No Impact Man), I'm striving to be greener than ever and this lil guy's arrival was ever so appropriate.

It will be pretty cool if I can get by charging my iPod, iPad and phone - yes, that's a Blackberry - strictly by solar power. It's not a lot but every bit counts right? I'm also going to be refusing to use anything disposable when I can avoid it such as plates, utensils, cups, and take out containers at work (why use styrofoam when there's cellophane and foil?). Who's with me!?

So what's next? We will both have to wait and see (translation: I don't know yet).


  1. That's so freaking cool!! I may have to look into getting one of those. It would have been incredibly handy the other week when my phone died on the way to Canberra...

  2. that's pretty neat! I hope it works well.

  3. It worked when charged by USB; it did not really work as a solar charger. Maybe if I had direct sunlight to put it in it would be better but I don't so I sent it back.