February 01, 2013

Farewell Old Friends

My old cell phones. Just look at them. I had one or two older ones but I'm not sure what happened to them. But I've been hanging on to them for remembrance I guess. But I became more realistic about just not having a reason to hold on to them. More years went by because I knew there were places to recycle them but never got around to it. Since I was pretty sure Best Buy takes them to recycle, I had them in a bag in my car so that I would eventually just stop there to do it. As I never actually shop there. Then when I was returning something at target I discovered that they also take them. So I went back to my car, grabbed them and made it happen. 

And so I bid adieu to to these guys. Naturally not before capturing the moment via camera. Thank you for mostly not sucking at being phones.
I actually have another still at home. I couldn't part with it in the event that I suddenly want to use it again. Yeah.


  1. I need to do this. I love looking at how ghetto my old phones were although I loved my pink razor and my sidekick like crazy.

  2. I think I already donated my HUGE Palm Pilot from years ago. I have to go through my things because I would love to see it again and point and laugh.

  3. @Ginny: For some reason every time I remember Sidekicks I think of Lindsey Lohan. I think Kathy Griffin is to blame for it.

    @Lor: Palm Pilots could have been great had they evolved past the giant-and-lacking-internet-ness