October 26, 2012

Being Abby

Oh no I am almost 3 hours late which will be more than 3 hours if I take longer than 22 minutes to finish this post! But oh well, I was out having fun so whatevs. So living in a college town, there are so many things about that which annoy me. Summers are nice.... However there is one thing I love about being here and that is Halloween. You get to celebrate it for like a week and a half so whatever day is convenient is when you can go out. And EVERYONE is right there with you in their costumes. One of the few times the crowds on the street do not bother me but rather entertain me tremendously. 

I was mad about just how crappy the crappy nail polish I got was, until I realized that I have to work my restaurant job where I can't wear nail polish tomorrow AM and that it's SUPPOSED to peel off! #winning.

This week I'll also include a complete image because I want to show off my awesome costume :) And no, couldn't bring myself to commit to the bangs.

This scene is: Abby waits for her friend to use Subway's bathroom
Just made it by 4 mins.


  1. That's awesome! I wish I could wear a costume every day for a week.

  2. One of my fav characters from that show. Rock on Abbey! I feel like an over sized subways cup and a whimsical look would have added to this well lol