June 07, 2012

Beautiful Lengths

So this is what I did last night:

Because my hair had a ton of layers in it and I wanted to get as much as possible out of the donation, did it myself in 9 sections, doing the layers separately, if that makes sense. My head looked really silly when I measured and rubber-banded it so I didn't take any pictures.

All together it looks like this:

I will be mailing it off soon to Pantene's version of Locks of Love, Beautiful Lengths. I chose Pantene's thing because the minimum length is shorter which meant I could get it over with sooner and have longer hair after. My hair had gotten so long that it was getting in my way and it was either this or cutting off 3-6" which would get thrown away. Not doing Locks-of-Love was the other reason I did it at home. Not that I bothered to ask any salons if they would do the shorter cut. But whatever. 

After some work what remained of my hair came out like this:

Then when I woke up today, it was all flat and I hated it, so I'm rocking pigtails.

Photos of me should not be taken before noon.
I feel like Abby!

Bangs will NOT be happening.
I'm hoping that it will look better dried naturally, or else this will be my look for the foreseeable future. As it is, it's what I'm going to have to do for my waitress job since I have to have my hair pulled back and a ponytail just doesn't work with all the hair that isn't long enough.

I'm starting to agree with that "no good deed goes un-punished" or maybe I should have just gotten it cut by a professional. Bygones.

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