May 12, 2012

A Day at the Fair

A while back I decided to make some stuff to sell on Etsy. After that went less than awesomely (although not entirely unsuccessful) I came up with the idea to sell my stuff at a craft fair!
My stuff, waiting to be set up.
I thought I could get more exposure to more people because my stuff would be out in front of them as they walked by. Whereas on Etsy, people have to come across my items by searching for something that matches my designated keywords. 
I split the space and registration cost with one of my friends and we spent a beautiful day out waiting and hoping for shoppers. Sadly, there were not a lot of shoppers but we did make a few sales so while we did not come out ahead, we did not feel completely defeated. I also had some time to throw a couple more necklaces together!
All and all it was not the worst experience. I think with some more merch to sell and more foot traffic at another craft show, we could have done decently so we will probably give it another go before throwing in the craft towel, and will just hope for the best!

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