March 30, 2012

I'm on the INTERNET

So I know it's supposed to be Foto Friday but I suspect that most of you don't really pay attention to all that, and there's something else I want to post and don't feel like waiting till next week (or tomorrow I guess but whatever) so suck it. Also I'm pretending that maybe since it's a video, it kinda fits into this category in a really roundabout way.

So the same weekend I went to NYC to see Walking The Room's Starfish Circus (I'm now realizing that I don't think I posted about that actually, maybe Sunday) I also went to Redbank, NJ to see my other favorite person: Mike Birbilia. If you have been following my blog since the beginning and paying a lot of attention, you remember me posting breifly about him in the past. Super funny and he is awesome, and at his show, he signed me an autograph and we were both really awkward trying to have a conversation because I really don't know how to talk to celebrities. And then he had a camera crew with him which included a camera man who doesn't really know how to get soundbites, but they asked me to talk to it about what I talked to Mike about and well yeah...
(watch till at least 1:25)

Yeah so that happened. I feel pretty awesome and it made that trip almost as awesome and the day before which as I said, I will talk about Sunday. Or maybe next Thursday. I will consider it. And you will know when it happens.

And Mike also took a picture with me so, oh!!! oh!! I'll just post it also and then we will successful have a Foto Friday post, in which I also brag that I am in Mike Birbigs' video.

Not my favorite picture of myself, I actually think I look better in the video so yay. Also this picture would have been better if his tour person wansn't all rushy. But YAY.


  1. Check you out, being all famous and stuff!! How exciting :)

    Also? Your hair got really long since September!

  2. Agreed - I noticed your hair too! Glad you had an awesome weekend :-)

  3. That's funny that you guys noticed about my hair cause to me it might as well be the same. I just haven't bothered to cut it! But maybe it's time for a trim now that I think of it.