October 10, 2011

Oh, Chariot

Yesterday, Gavin DeGraw, remember him? yeah I didn't think so, he came to my town and performed for my birthday. Only he didn't know it was my birthday or that I exist.

But anyway this Media Monday post is dedicated to him because I went and saw him and felt like it was 2003 again cause that's when I was in love with his music. By the way, I totally forgot how awesome he is.

Here are a couple of camera-phone photos of the concert:

And here's a music video of a song from his first album and maybe you'll be like "oh yeah I did like that song..."

1 comment :

  1. He definitely planned it for your birthday. He told me about it when I was chilling with him backstage. I was all, "Hey, do you know about The Blog You're About To Read?" and he was all, "Totally, this show is totally for Lauren." And I was all, "Like, whoa. I have to tell Lauren about this!"