August 04, 2011


Well I really wanted to post today but I really don't feel like doing any pictures for it. So I decided to compromise with myself and this is what you're getting....

There once was a girl named Lauren. One day  her friend Nicki had a birthday coming up. She was making the Facebook event for it and Lauren offered to provide her with the event photo for it. It looked like this:
Nicki likes pirates.
The party was going to be pirate themed...

A week or so later Lauren's other friend Kylie decided that she wanted a new avatar for Twitter and stuff and asked Lauren if she would make it for her. Lauren agreed and Kylie's avatar looks like this:

Kylie likes to read.
Lauren also has a friend named Stacey who's birthday is today! Lauren wanted to wish Stacey a happy birthday here and on Facebook so she made Stacey this:
Yeah I reuse stuff a lot. Sue me.

Lauren spent today (or like an hour tops) making Kylie's avatar and Stacey's birthday cartoon so she didn't feel like doing any more Photoshopping for an additional post so she decided to just post some of these already made pictures instead.

Also Lauren thinks that you should check out all of her friends blogs by clicking the links in this post (though Lauren doesn't know if Stacey's going to start blogging again anytime soon). And P.S. Happy belated b-day to Nicki!


  1. Kylie is thankful that her friend Lauren made her a cartoon version of herself. Kylie thinks it's quite a flattering picture.

    Kylie also thinks it's weird that she refers to herself in the third person, but, again, she goes with it. Her son does the same thing. :)

  2. Lauren thought that telling the story in the third person would make up for lack of compelling content.

  3. Nicki says Thank you!! :D And I guess Nicki needs to do another blog post!