April 11, 2011


I can't say a whole lot about this because I couldn't keep track of all the different stuff we were seeing on this trip. But this is a huge statue that you can walk up inside of like the Statue of Liberty. Except this one is cooler because instead of being hollow it has stuff inside. Again, I don't really remember. None of the writing anywhere was in English which made it harder. Oh and I don't know what part of Japan it was in either. I think it was somewhere in Tokushima. Unless it wasn't. It was still really cool and there's me standing next to the tree so you can tell how huge it is.


  1. Oh that's wonderful =) I would love to travel there.

  2. That's awesome... I've only been to Canada and European countries, which are basically just America Lite.

  3. hey lauren!!

    thanks for being so welcoming to me on 20sb! i love your blog - i hope you'll pop by and visit sometime; or maybe even enter my current

    giveaway ;) XO love zsara

  4. I remember making my way to the top of the Statue of Liberty--it was a workout. I hope this statue didn't have as many steps to walk up.

  5. @Liddy: Oh come on, I'm sure you got some good pictures in Europe!

    @Shannon: I feel like it was a lot of stairs but it took forever because it's not a huge tourist attraction like the Statue of Liberty so we took longer than necessary to go up since my parents had to look at EVERYTHING there was too look at along the way. I wish I took some pics of the inside to post for you guys but I didn't for some reason.